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In a series I am creatively calling, “Meet Team Tellwell”, I sit down with Tellwell’s brightest minds to chat about who they are, what makes them tick, and what gets them excited about coming to work every day. 

In this article, I chatted with Tellwell Partner and Senior Film Producer, Duncan!

Hi, Duncan. Tell me about yourself!

I was born and raised in Denver, CO. I grew up with a twin brother and younger sister and our dog Wesley! I went to college in beautiful Bozeman, MT at Montana State University – Go Cats! In 2020 I moved to Fargo with my wife Vanessa, and our dog Mannie. Since then, we’ve added another puppy named Irene!

I really enjoy anything outdoors, but particularly camping, hiking, and mountain biking. I’m also a huge racing fan, everything from Formula 1 to local dirt track.


If a stranger approached you and asked you to describe yourself… what would you say?

I would describe myself as very easy going and laid back. While still being very driven and busy!

As you spend time here at Tellwell, what is your big goal?

My biggest goal at Tellwell is to continue creating fantastic work. As long as we are continuing to develop our craft, I think we are doing the right thing! I also really want our team to continue to produce original content!


Let’s chat more about you outside of work. What are some things that make you happy?

I really enjoy being outside, spending time with my family and my dogs, and traveling to new places!

We love our community here in Fargo, what are some things you do to get involved in the area?

I am a board member with AAFND and a member of the North Dakota Film Society. I also spend weekends in the summer at the Red River Farmers Market selling some fermented goodies!


What is your favorite place in Fargo right now?

Iwen Park in South Fargo and Brew Bird Downtown!

What’s the most memorable food experience you’ve ever had?

Our family grew up going to Pizza Alley in Denver. For one of our birthdays, we got to go in the back and make our own pizzas!

Do you have a weird thing you’re passionate about?

I really enjoy learning more about modes of transportation. I am fascinated by trains, planes and really anything that moves!

What’s some music you’ve been listening to lately?

Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”

The Who “Who’s Next”

Macklemore “The Heist”


Do you have a favorite or memorable vacation or trip you’ve taken?

I think my favorite place I have ever been was Caernarfon Castle in Wales!