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What is a Storytelling Agency, and what do they do? Nowadays, “storytelling” isn’t just another buzzword in marketing – it actually impacts how people remember your brand and whether or they choose to work with you or not.

What is a Storytelling Agency?

A storytelling agency exists in the world to help brands and organizations create unique pieces of content capturing moments of impact. Most of these stories exist within the scope of a long-term campaign and play a part in how the brand wants to share themselves with their clients, customers, and the world.

This agency can take many forms. They might focus on creating written content for blogs, long-form films to share a visual story, or even graphic designs that illustrate a concept. Whatever they look like, the attribute that sets a storytelling agency apart is a dedication to a narrative – created in tandem with the brand they are working with.

Storytelling agencies create a connection between the reader and the brand using simple chemistry by filling the reader with cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin. That’s why its so effective – it’s literally science.

What makes great storytelling?

Storytelling is truly an art form. Everyone knows someone in their life that has a natural affinity for telling incredibly moving stories. But what makes a great story? Here are a few attributes that are consistent across incredible stories.

Great stories are universal. Take a piece of the human condition and insert it into a unique situation.

Great stories have a clear structure. They follow a common path that is consistent and can be followed by an audience.

Great stories have a character to root for. Someone who is battling the odds and facing adversity is a person everyone wants to root for.

Great stories appeal to our deepest emotions. The more you understand how your own emotional levers are pulled, the more you’ll understand how media uses story to pull those levers.

Great stories are surprising or unexpected. An audience loves a twist. Keep things interesting and put a spin on your story.

Real-Life Examples

Here’s the million-dollar question… why does your organization need a storytelling agency? There are so many ways to spend your marketing budget, what benefit does an agency like this provide? Video storytelling is especially effective, which is what we’ll focus on below.

Ronald McDonald House – Show Your Impact

In this example, our local RMHC chapter was looking to share the story of one of the families that had a long-term stay at their homes. The story of the Nelson family is just a tiny snapshot of the hundreds of people who cross RMHC’s path during the year, but this impact film gave our community a glimpse into the mission of RMHC.

Sacred Wind – Explain Your Brand

In another example, Sacred Wind Communications was looking to develop the identity of their brand and educate their service area on their mission – to bridge the rural divide for rural tribe communities in New Mexico.

RTC Networks – Brand Refresh

In this final example, RTC Networks was looking for a refreshed brand to better represent who they are now. A new logo, brand voice, and film was needed to share their unique history and to communicate the new look.

It’s Okay to Ask For Help

We’ve gone over a good chunk of information describing what a storytelling agency is, what makes a good story, and a few real-life examples. We definitely recognize that it’s not easy! That’s why there are agencies across the country that specialize in this kind of thing… including us! Pleased to meet you, we’re Tellwell Story Co.

Let’s tell a story together.

We’re a film + branding creative studio located in Fargo, ND that specializes in storytelling for brands across the country.