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Why do people give? What is that X factor that takes people from liking your mission, to financially supporting it?

Decades of research point to one thing: it’s all about the story. At Tellwell, storytelling is our expertise. We want to work with your team to provide heartfelt content and beautiful design — all with goal of growing your audience, and raising more money for your mission.

We ventured into this work with the launch of Tellwell for Good last Fall, which lead us to work with nine local non-profits for Giving Hearts Day. The result showed us that there is a need for storytelling work in our community!

As we move into the new year, we want to keep that going. So we bundled it all together in our brand new Prologue Package.

The Prologue Package

The Prologue Package — named for the preface of a story that is about to begin — includes key elements to keep your audience engaged and involved. We split it into three options to fit your needs.

Prologue LIGHT

  • 2 Newsletters
  • 2 Appeal Letters
  • 4 Feature Stories/Testimonials
  • 2 Brainstorming meetings

Prologue BASIC

  • 8 Feature Stories/Testimonials
  • 12 Hours of Photography
  • 4 Appeal Letters
  • 4 Newsletter Designs
  • 4 Brainstorming meetings

Prologue PLUS

  • Everything in Prologue Basic
  • PLUS 4 high-quality videos (includes filming + editing)

Break it down for me…

Newsletters are a key piece to growing your donor base and keeping them aware. So, we wanted the Prologue Package to be centered around the creation and distribution of comprehensive, custom-made newsletters to share what’s going on in your world.

The newsletters will be sent throughout the year both in print and digital. We work with your team to pull together all latest updates from your organization, along with testimonials, upcoming events, re-caps of past events, and more. We pair that with beautiful photography (which we provide) and quality design, to create a stunning final product.

From there we work with your team to send it to the printers, and ship it to everyone in your network (to clarify: Tellwell is not responsible for the printing, but will help your team to do so!)

For every newsletter, we follow up with an appeal letter to compel your audience to take that next step. We’ll help you to convey the true heart of your mission in clear, authentic words and design.

The end result? We want to help you grow your network, and increase your donations. We want to see the good work being done in our community continue to thrive. And we want the world to know what you’re doing! The first step is sharing your story in a compelling, appealing way. And that’s exactly what we do.

For more questions please e-mail us at talk@staging.tellwellnew.flywheelsites.com, or give us a call at 701-212-5372.

Thank You!

Team Tellwell