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During the Super Bowl halftime show, poor Left Shark missed a few key moves during his first ever national dancing debut. In case you missed it…

We know how you feel, little buddy. We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not literally there (in a Super Bowl halftime show) – but we’ve all made mistakes, especially brand mistakes. No one wants to start their brand’s image with an “oops” moment. If that does happen, what can you do? Here are a few tips for how to make your brand’s Left Shark moment into internet gold.

1. Own it

So what? You messed up a tish right out of the gate. Dust yourself off and own up to the mistake. Nothing is worse than awkwardly apologizing and hoping no one noticed. Believe us – someone noticed. Own the mistake. If possible, spin it to the positive and your favor. If someone’s going to laugh at you, you might as well laugh with them!

2. Just keep swimming

Learn from the mistake and don’t let it get you down. Who knows – it might even help you in the long run!

3. Ride the wave

If people won’t let that little flub go, just keep going with it. Maybe this will start a new voice for your brand. It could even make your brand more fun than you originally envisioned! Go with it and have fun.