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  1. Your first business meeting was at your alma mater’s local dive bar.
  2. Your group conversations consist of potential clients, Facebook stickers, and virtual high fives when people download your free resources.
  3. You use the terms “#soprofessional” and “#sidejobhoarder” with each other.
  4. Ending a conversation by saying, “‘night loves” and “muah” to your co-founders doesn’t phase you at all.
  5. The biggest corporate decision that day is figuring out what to wear for your headshots.
  6. You’ve sent link to the Brands Saying Bae Twitter account to your partners – just to make them laugh awkwardly at their desks at their regular jobs.
  7. You realize you’re doing exactly what you should be doing because you have the bestest side job ever.
  8. You send a copy of a blog post that is somewhat revealing about your relationship with your business partners to make sure they’re cool with you posting it on your company blog.