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In order to put your social media strategy into place, you’ll need to designate a staff member (or team) to implement the tactics within the strategy. They’ll be the “experts” about anything and all things strategy, content, promotion, connecting, engaging…all things social.

Yet, you’ll still have others on staff or volunteers who may be using social media or creating content for your organization. Make sure you have these team members go through extensive training.

Here are 9 things your social media team needs to know (or be trained to know) before they get started.

  1. Have a deep understanding of the operations of the organization
  2. Understand basic online etiquette
  3. Know how to effectively share stories
  4. Remember key phrases and the “lingo” you use
  5. Not just have a Facebook page or Twitter account, but know how to effectively use the platforms your organization uses for branding the way you want to be portrayed
  6. Be current on the newest ways to use social media
  7. Know how to be professional but approachable online
  8. Have a creative mind for using a variety of ways (video, photos, text, fonts, colors, links, surveys, e-mail…) to share the same story

The last one is left blank on purpose. What else do you think someone in charge of social media for your organization needs to know before they get started sharing your organization’s mission online?