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Hi, we’re Tellwell, a storytelling agency in Fargo, NoDak and we focus on the rural broadband industry.

A well-told story is a beautiful thing. My grandpa Herb, for one, was a master storyteller. When sitting around a fire, I’m still transported back to his perfectly crafted ghost stories that scared my cousins and myself out of sleep. With brilliant comedic timing, a perfect story arc, and a fantastic button ending, he knew the formula for a great story.

We approach storytelling in a way that is genuine and true to who you are. No marketing mumbo-jumbo. No cookie cutter formulas. No trendy buzzwords. Instead, Team Tellwell takes the time to listen to your why, understand who you are, and know what your goals are. Then we share your story in a way that makes sense to the people you want to reach. We build the stories by weaving together emotion and action. And of course, a dash of inspiration from the great storytellers in our own lives. (Thanks, Herb!) Whether it’s a video, written piece, website, or something else – our storytellers can masterfully craft your authentic story, sharing with people what you do and why it matters.

We know that the telecom industry of yesterday is no longer, we’re the broadband industry now. And we’ve gotten really pretty good at helping you tell your stories. Through branding, web, video, and content, we’re helping to tell the stories of your neighbors to garner affinity and grab the attention of your audiences.

Have a story that needs to be told? We’d love to talk to you.

Founder and Chief Storyteller

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Your story is unique.

We know that not every story should be told in the same way and in the same breath. We know that each story we tell has a home — on the web, in print, on social, in email… We’ll help you figure out how to tell your story to the people who matter most.

Go ahead and explore our site a bit and see if we’re the right fit. We’d love to chat about how you can better connect with the people that mean the most to you and your organization.

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