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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

Attending conferences, a wing eating challenge, and saying some goodbyes. Let’s see what we got up to this week!

A woman writing on a colorful wall filled with sticky notes and messages at a conference. She is using a blue marker to add her note, surrounded by various handwritten messages and drawings. The atmosphere appears creative and engaging, with contributions from multiple participants.

Design team takes California

This week, the design team did some traveling, attending the Figma Config Conference in San Francisco. This conference features speakers, sessions, workshops, and product launches all revolving around the world of design. Professional and educational development is an important aspect of team Tellwell, so the team did a lot of learning and they are ready to start applying these lessons into their work! Great job team!

Four smiling women with conference badges take a selfie in a large, busy convention center. The background shows a crowd of attendees, modern decor with geometric shapes, and large digital screens. The women appear happy and excited to be at the event.
Exterior view of a large convention center with a colorful banner displaying 'CONFIG' in bold yellow letters. The building features glass walls and geometric designs, with people walking on the sidewalk in front. A traffic light and street signs are visible, along with public art sculptures near the entrance.

Hot Ones & Hawaiian shirts

For those of us left back at the office, we decided to have some Friday fun! Senior Film Producer Duncan set up a Hot Ones wing eating challenge for the team. With stomachs full and tongues burning, we went through all 17 sauces with a smile! Along with the hot wings challenge, we declared Friday as Hawaiian shirt day to celebrate the summer season! We had a great showing of eclectic tropical vibes in the office, overall a fun way to end the week!

Four men standing around a kitchen island in a brightly lit office space, smiling and enjoying a spread of fried appetizers and various dipping sauces. They appear to be having a fun and casual gathering, with one person holding a can of Coors Light. The background shows modern office furniture and large windows with a view of the outside.
A close-up of a table with trays of assorted hot sauce bottles in vibrant red, yellow, and green packaging. In the background, there is a foil tray with fried appetizers and several small cups of dipping sauces, along with two cups of what appears to be beer or soda. The scene suggests a setup for a tasting event or casual gathering.

Bittersweet goodbye

This week, we said goodbye to our Experiential Designer Ashley. She has been such a big part of our team with her ability to build amazing and impactful events! We will miss having you around the office, but we look forward to visiting your neck of the woods down in South Carolina sometime! Safe travels!

A person with short hair and glasses, wearing a black sweater and jeans, jumping joyfully against a plain white background. Their arms are outstretched and they have a big smile on their face, capturing a moment of excitement and happiness.
Four people sitting on a couch in a modern office space, smiling and relaxed. One person is holding a dog, adding a casual and friendly atmosphere. The background shows various office furniture and decor, creating a comfortable and collaborative environment.

RE:Week starts now!

Next week, our office will be closed for RE:Week! This is a week we take off to RElax, REfresh, and REcharge our lives with our family and friends. So no plog next week, we’ll be busy taking it easy.

A woman with red hair smiles while holding a fluffy gray and white dog in an office with colorful decor and posters on the wall.
That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming July 12th!
Two women standing at a colorful booth filled with sticky notes, stars, and hearts at a conference. They are holding a blue card that reads 'You matter,' smiling for the camera. The booth is covered with various handwritten messages and drawings, creating a vibrant and interactive display.