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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly plog (photo blog)!

Full of filming, food, and fangirling, Tellwell had a busy week!

Behind the Scenes: Vogel Law Firm

This week, the film team took a trip out to Vogel Law Firm’s Fargo location to do some filming. We’re helping them create a series of videos and expanding our film focus a bit with some scripted films.

Writing the scripts and creating a more detailed and planned shot-list (unlike documentary-style filming, where it’s a slightly more “grab it as it happens” approach) was a fun challenge and we’re super excited to see the final products. We’ll be filming with more of their locations soon!

Business Made Simple with Annie

Oy vey, what a day! Well, “days” really. Chief of Staff Annie spent three days this week getting certified as a Business Made Simple coach. 

Annie’s Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Clarity is powerful. Distilling messages is difficult. Expanding them is easy. 
  2. Your team needs an internal mission to point everyone in the same direction and guide them toward the most important actions to take. 
  3. Deliberate actions close the gap from where organizations are to where they want to be. 

We’re big Donald Miller fans at Tellwell (seriously, we have all his books). Having Annie get certified as a coach will level up our operations and help us reach our goals–all while we nerd out about his work. For Annie especially, who may or may not have mentioned fangirling when she learned that she would be hearing from Miller himself during her certification.  

"While it’s great to draw from my own learnings and experiences to customize the coaching, having the Business Made Simple foundation to work from is going to be a game-changer in the value I can bring,” Annie said. “They have tools and resources to optimize every area of an organization, no matter what your focus is.”

And here’s the BIG WIN you should care about: as a coach, Annie will be able to support our clients in using the tools and frameworks as well! We’ll be implementing those frameworks as an update to our Pathfinding and Roadmapping processes that we use to help brands and causes get clear on their messages and the strategies to reach their audiences. We’ll also develop some new offerings for you to explore!

YWCA Cass Clay’s Champions of Empowerment

We are always excited to work with YWCA, so when they approached us about creating another film with them, we jumped at the chance. 

Even better, we got to see the showing of this film at their Champions of Empowerment event. Witnessing people watching something we’ve created is such a special honor. We get to see our work through their eyes by watching their reactions. 

The Giving Spirit

Yesterday was the most generous day of the year: Giving Hearts Day! Each year, we have the honor of working with area charities to prepare for the 24 hour donation drive and each year we’re reminded how important the work they do is.

This year, some of our team spent some time handing out treats and love to a few organizations. We gave them some yummy gummies from Unglued to munch on as they continue to work hard.

Tellwell also matched employee Giving Hearts Day donations, giving a total of $1,571.23 to 18 charities.


The craze that’s caught the nation has caught on at Tellwell, too! The first games of the inaugural Tellwell & Friends Pickleball Club took place at the Empire Sports Complex in North Fargo this week.

A little friendly competition and having something to look forward to during the winter led Project Manager Lucas to propose this after-hours activity. In the spirit of a club, all skill levels are welcome and people get paired up to play with different partners throughout the night.

The most important rule of pickleball is “Have fun!” and that’s a rule we all can abide by.

Vacation Time!

As for Tellwell’s fearless leader, Chief Storyteller Max was on vacation this week. Look who he got to hang out with: Sarah from Holbrook Farms!

That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming February 16th!