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Welcome, friends!

This is the Tellwell Plog (photo-blog), a chance for us to share with you what #TeamTellwell has been up to, showcase some of the projects we’ve been working on, and (of course) show you all the pupper love a Plog can handle!

Announcing: Fargo Docs – A Documentary Film Series

We’re so excited to announce Fargo Docs – A Documentary Film Series. This has been a project our team has been working on for a few months now and we’re excited to launch.

Our Mission: Documentaries utilize the art of film to raise awareness, challenge our perspectives, and remind us of our shared humanity. By making these crucial stories accessible to a wider audience, Fargo Docs seeks to entertain, engage, and inspire our community.

We’ll be showing three films for Season 1, with the first being at 7pm on Wednesday, April 13th. Learn more at our website, www.fargodocs.com.

Follow along on social media as well: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Recent Promotions with Team Tellwell!

Exciting news – we’d like to congratulate two of our teammates on recent promotions. As Tellwell grows, we’re excited to see our team grow professionally as well. The paw-sibilities are endless!

Click here to read more about our recent promotions.

Websites… websites as far as the eyes can see!

I know I said it last week but, whew, we’ve got a lot of web projects coming through this quarter. One such project just wrapped this week, actually, as we launched the site for our friends at DCN! (shoutout to Emma, Aaron, and Mark for pushing this through to the end!)

DCN is the leading communications network company in North Dakota, operating the state’s robust fiber optic network. They began in 1996 as a unique partnership between their 13 owner companies, and have grown to have more than 40,000+ miles of fiber optic facilities across North Dakota, employing more than 1,000 in local communities and serving more than 164,000 customers.

Click here to see the full website.

Tellwell Studio: Book A Tour

At Tellwell, we know you want to create beautiful, captivating, timely content for your organization. That’s why we built our studio! Located just below us, the Studio has everything you’d need to create quality content (plus, it’s super affordable).

If you’ve ever wanted to take a look at the studio, schedule a tour with us! You can email Andrew (that’s me, the person typing these words to you) at andrew@wetellwell.com, and we can take a walk through the space with Duncan to show you all the bells and whistles.

Click here to read more info about the Studio!

Tellwell Studio stock photo showing the team sitting in a circle with a desk in between.

Thank you for checking in with us! See you next week. ????