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Chances are, if you’ve ever meandered your way downtown to the Tellwell office, you’ve met Kevin and CJ, our resident corgis. Even if you haven’t met them in person, you’ve probably seen a photo or two of them on our social media and the weekly Plog.

Kevin and CJ have played integral roles here at Tellwell Story Co., and we’re looking to celebrate them. As a group of creatives, we know the power that storytelling can have on our community and the clients we work with, and these two teammates have proven themselves incredibly capable and talented, and after lots of internal discussion, we’ve decided that they are ready to take on additional responsibilities!


Chief Barketing Officer

A staple here at Tellwell since our humble beginnings in 2015, Kevin has grown in his career over the years as the office puppy. He’s played many roles – Security Officer, Director of Kennelytics, Vice President of Puplick Relations – and so many more. Over the past few months, after many discussions with our Chief Storyteller, Max, we’re excited to share that Kevin has accepted a new role as Chief Barketing Officer.

In this new role, Kevin will be front lining our barketing efforts. He’ll be working on synergizing our departments, executing on low-hanging fruit, and leading research on corporate jargon. Oh, and also guarding our front door against potential intruders. 

Congratulations to Kevin on his new role!


Junior Pawject Manager

CJ is a new face here at Tellwell, and while she has only been with the team for a few months, she has already proven herself a strong addition to the crew. CJ is always energetic and brings a youthful energy whenever she is in the office. While she’s still working on some manners (like figuring out where the bathrooms are located), she has gone above and beyond in making the office environment a lively place to work.

When asked how she felt about the new promotion, she said, “bark bark bark, bark, bark bark. Bark? Bark bark. Bark,”, which shows a lot about her character as a teammate and storyteller.

Congratulations, CJ!