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Welcome, friends!

This is the Tellwell Plog, a chance for us to share with you what #TeamTellwell has been up to, showcase some of the projects we’ve been working on, and (of course) show you all the pupper love a plog can handle!

It’s Pie Day, Pie Day…

We couldn’t have our traditional Tellwell Turkey Day potluck due to COVID, so a pie exchange had to do! Last Wednesday, each member of our team dropped off a pie (all completely, 100%, handmade, from scratch, of course ?) at the office. We divided them among ourselves and took our plates home to enjoy together over Zoom. Quiplash was played, drinks were drank, and many a sugar coma was had.

Oh Christmas Tree(s)! ?

Now that the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, it’s officially time to get in the holiday spirit–and what better way than with a Christmas tree? On Thursday, Duncan and Rich made their way downtown to film the tree lighting and ribbon cutting ceremony at Broadway Square. There were plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs” as 20,000 LED lights lit up the 32′ tall tree.

While it may be fifth of the size (and spectacle) of the Broadway Square tree, we think our office tree deserves a little love, too. Thanks for decorating, Rosy!


Oh (wo)man! Do we have a big announcement coming for 2021 Tech Tips! Our very own Katie Beedy (hi yes it’s me) is heading in FRONT of the camera to drop some tips on how to make your tech work for you!

If you don’t know what Tech Tips is, learn more here! 

And of COURSE we have to include some outtakes for your viewing pleasure.

Raise A Glass to DCN ?

On Monday, the film crew drove out to Bismarck to film with Dakota Carrier Network. We are SO excited to be working with Seth and the entire DCN team to bring their 2020 Holiday Party online!

Puppy Play Date

When the film crew’s away, the puppies will play! While Riley traveled with Rich and Duncan as a grip for Monday’s busy shoot day, Brandy got to hang out with Teddy (Mindy’s pup). Just look at those innocent little faces!

Hey Look Ma, I Made It!

BREAKING NEWS: Our very own CEO, Chief Storyteller, and Benevolent Overload Max Kringen has been named to Prairie Business’s 40 Under 40! We’re pretty gosh dang proud.

Thank you for checking in with us! 

:heart: #TeamTellwell