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Welcome, friends!

This is the Tellwell Plog, a chance for us to share with you what #TeamTellwell has been up to, showcase some of the projects we’ve been working on, and (of course) show you all the pupper love a plog can handle!

Tellwell Homecoming Week!

Ahh, Homecoming Week: a chance to celebrate Tellwell, engage in team-building activities, and dress up in silly outfits. Check out these highlights from the most wonderful week of the year!

Monday: Hogwarts House Day

We know, it’s hard to take us Siriusly when we look this Riddikulus.

Tuesday: Dress Like Your Older Self Day

May we all actually age this gracefully.

Wednesday: Fictional Character Day

Miss Frizzle, Oscar the Grouch, Wayne & Garth, Waldo, and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor walk into a bar…

(we didn’t have the heart to tell Aaron that “the king from ‘Hamilton'” isn’t technically a fictional character).

Thursday and Friday: CAMP TELLWELL!

All of our Homecoming shenanigans led up to the main event, Camp Tellwell! The whole team spent two days at the beautiful Coteau des Prairies Lodge in Havana, ND. We dreamed and schemed, we painted and yoga’d with Ashley from Tin•ker, we sang karaoke (very poorly), and most importantly, we enjoyed each others’ company away from the office.

Thank you for checking in with us! 

:heart: #TeamTellwell