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Tellwell Plog: Work-From-Home Edition

Things have looked a little different here at Tellwell this week. On Monday, our team made the difficult decision to begin working remotely in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We know that we are just one of thousands of businesses both in our community and across the country making the switch to WFH, so we’ve decided to share how our team is staying safe (and sane) during this unusual time!


I’m working from the kitchen table and entertaining my 13-week-old! In our free time, my husband Kevin and I have been working on puzzles and taking lots of walks around the neighborhood. We’ve been cooking a lot as well, and decided that now is the perfect time to try out new recipes!


Brooke and I are both working from home right how. To avoid going stir-crazy, I have been climbing on my garage bouldering wall and doing running courses with Tommy Rivs on my treadmill. We’ve also been painting the nursery to prepare for Baby Kup-Kup, coming in May!


For my work-from-home situation, I transformed my walk-in closet into an office! I am staying safe by following the CDC recommendations – practicing social distancing, avoiding groups, and washing my hands while singing the chorus of “Oops I Did it Again”. Honestly, we really have not left our apartment much this week, other than to get some essentials from the grocery store.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, this has been challenging for me! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the doom and gloom. I am doing my best to stay sane by connecting with friends and family, virtual coffee dates, working on puzzles, cuddling with Paddington, limiting my time watching the news and on social media, telling my mom to stay home, cuddling with Paddington, watching movies with Brett, virtual workouts (thank you POPSUGAR Fitness), and cuddling with Paddington.


Isaac and I are both working from home for the foreseeable future! As Jayme said, it’s a tough time for us anxious folks. My tactics for warding off the existential dread include: turning off the news, listening to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, taking stretch breaks with Body Weight Warrior, going for long walks at the end of every work day, trying my hand at bullet journaling, bingeing Peaky Blinders, calling my mom (hi mom!), and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Unfortunately I had to give up my puzzle table to create my new desk, but my temporary solution is working pretty darn well.


Welcome to Mack Daddy’s Zen Den (actually my chromecast name), where we work just as hard as we play [insert finger guns here]. The desk sitch ain’t that fresh, but it don’t matter when you got a little Leon to keep you company. And, you know the squads out here! Corona ain’t gonna stop us! 

Max, Aaron, and Rich

The three of us are still working from Tellwell HQ for now (but washing our hands regularly, sanitizing all surfaces several times a day, and maintaining a safe distance from each other). Puzzle breaks and “The Office” are keeping morale high!

Thank you for checking in with us!  Stay safe, stay home if you can, and please wash your hands.