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We’re back, and better than ever!


Last week Tellwell enjoyed our Summer Re-week. Re-week is a time for us to take a step back from the office to relax, celebrate, and ultimately, come back with a refreshed and inspired mind to best support our #TellwellTribe.

During this past week, each member of Tellwell had their own ways to unwind. Here is what our team has been up to!


For the love of baseball!

Rich and a few of his friends had the chance to watch the Twins beat the Rangers 15-6 this past weekend.


Christmas in July?

Jayme spent her time in Santa Claus, IN. Christmas came early with Sunday Cupcakes. Way to go Jayme! You know how to Re-Week!


Gon fishin’

Kevin spent his weekend relaxing by taking a fishing trip up to the Hub 41 bar & grill in Detriot Lakes with a few of his pals!

They didn’t catch anything…


It’s a great day for a great day

Our fearless leader Max has a keen eye for a good time. Spending time at his own event, the Lake Homeless Party. Where all non-lake house dwellers are welcome!


“I’m going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali”

Marisa took advantage of her time and decided to head home to California for her Re-Week. What did she do after traveling all the way there you ask? Well, she… went on a lake…

And yes, she felt the earthquakes, but all is fine!


Can you dig it?

Riley spent his Re-Week under the ground. To be honest with you, I don’t think anyone has unburied him yet. Poor Riley 🙁


Up up and away

Mindy took her Re-Week up to the skies. Where she is going, they don’t need roads


“Let me tell you something’ bout my best friend.”

A-a-ron couldn’t handle not seeing Max for a whole week (and we don’t blame him) so he celebrated at West Fest with his ol’ pal (and boss)


“Country road, take me home.”

Noah, In very Noah-like fashion, decided that he has been around buildings for too darn’ long and decided to go camping/hiking/climbing/(insert Outdoorsy thing here) up in Wyoming

Back at it again

Coming back to the office, it was clear to see during our Monday morning team meeting that we were all eager to be back working together.

Without missing a beat, we are back in action!

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!