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WHOOHOO! It’s our week in photos ?

Signs, signs, signs, and some fun stuff.

Throwing it back to working with the Heart-n-Soul team a couple weekends ago!? ? ?  Get the full scoop at our blog ?  “A Good for Nothing Afternoon”

Just some “morning standup” doodles… compliments of Miss Linda ?  #Arteest

Justin and Eric from Signs4Work hooked us up with some awesome signage this week! Tellwell World Headquarters is lookin’ fresh?

Tellwell’s benevolent overlord, Max Kringen, is VERY PLEASED!✨

Mandatory #TeamTellwell photo with our new signage. WHOOP WHOOP! (We really like it, if you couldn’t tell).

Thanks for giving us the time of day, Tellwell Tribe ?

Make this week a GREAT one!

? Team Tellwell