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Cupcakes rocked our world this week #MajorKey

and we did some cool stuff and saw some dogs! Take a look ?

Earlier this week, we heard from the people who worked to preserve the building now used by Family HealthCare in downtown Fargo. What was once an old automobile building is now used to provide affordable quality healthcare to our community! Incredible story and incredible people who made it happen. Love working with Kilbourne Group to tell these stories!

Tuesday was #NationalPetDay, and since we don’t technically have an office pet, we mooched off of Noah. Zia is an honorary part of Team Tellwell ?  (also this emoji was modeled after her if you didn’t know. This is not an alternative fact.)

Ok Eide Bailly…. you’re too much! Surprise delivery of Bakeology cupcakes?!? Thanks for making our week extra sweet. As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed them. THANK YOU! #ebPossible

Just had to share our beautiful cupcake model, Miss Linda. ?  Look at that form!

Cheers to the weekend!

Thanks for tuning in, Tellwell Tribe! Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week.