What did we do this week…


We did a lot of eating (and we regret nothing). Treats, sweets, and clients! Check out our weekπŸ‘‡

Gigantic cookies AND unicorns?!πŸ¦„ Β What a week…🌈 Β Thanks Insomnia! (Credit goes to good ‘ol Amazon.com for the light-up unicorn head)

We like to work in the dark because it freaks out our visitors.🌚

Great team lunch at Rhombus Guys!πŸ•

P.S. Their $2.50 slice lunch special ROCKS!πŸ‘Š

(Kinda) CHAMPS!πŸ… Tellwell Tribe’r Shelley from Choice Financial and Max took the consolation championship at AAF-ND’s 5:01 Studio Tour at Thuen Studio.

Miss Linda’s knee is on the mend! We enjoyed a great Friday lunch at Old Broadway with she and her husband, Downtown Dave.✨


Thanks for giving us a read, Tribe!

πŸ’š Team Tellwell

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