Grain Designs is a Fargo, North Dakota company that creates hand-made furniture and home goods made primarily from reclaimed materials.  They offer unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship for custom furniture and reclaimed fixtures of all kinds.


When we first met the Grain Designs guys, they were gaining traction quickly and their branding just did not match who they and their company had matured into. We helped them discover their visual identity through a straightforward, to the point logo concept. Much like their furniture, we wanted to help them let the work speak for itself.


With big aspirations, we set out to create a site that matched the beauty and functionality of Grain Designs furniture and their new branding.

We focused on user experience with a goal of inspiring each visitor to get ideas for their own homes and businesses. Big beautiful photos combined with pithy text and easy calls to action and intuitive forms created a great experience.


Great photography is a cornerstone of great content on web. It just so happened that Grain Designs had stinkin’ beautiful subjects to shoot. Without a studio at the time, we had to improvise and ended up shooting most of the pieces in Noah’s house! (Thanks, Noah and Brooke!)