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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

We’ve got our noses to the grindstone this week! Don’t worry, though. We still had tons of fun (with the pictures to prove it)!

Two men in casual attire enjoy refreshments at a stadium. One is drinking from a cup, and the other is drinking from a comically large glass.

Some Local Filming

The film crew hit the local streets this week for some filming. Check out some of the stills from their day! We can’t wait to see the footage you captured!

A man with glasses and a beard takes a photo in a room with children's drawings hanging on the wall. He is wearing a black shirt and a colorful camera lanyard.
A film crew member in a black 'FILM CREW' shirt crouches to take a photo of a woman and child walking toward a YWCA building.

Some Less Local Filming

The film team was on the road for the second half of this week. They’re in sunny California–and the rest of us totally aren’t jealous.
Okay, maybe we’re a smidge jealous.

Three men take a selfie with a giant sequoia tree towering above them in the background. The sky is clear and sunny."
A scenic view of a forested mountain range under a clear blue sky, with tall trees and rocky outcrops visible in the foreground.


One highlight of the week was a visit from Senior Web Strategist Riley. He lives in South Dakota, so we usually only get to see him on a computer screen. He was in the area this week and dropped by to say hi–and get a few donuts that we grabbed for his (upcoming) birthday.

Three people in an office kitchen are smiling and celebrating. One person is holding a sign that says 'Happy Birthday Riley.' There are coffee cups and pastries on the table.

We also had a few less-familiar canine faces in the office Friday. Whiskey (Project Manager Megan’s pup) and Willa (Project Manager Emma’s pooch) stopped by for some fetch, some roughhousing, and more than a few belly-rubs.

A woman with red hair smiles while holding a fluffy gray and white dog in an office with colorful decor and posters on the wall.
That does it for this week! Keep an eye out for the next plog, coming June 28th!
A man in a black shirt and cap stands partially behind a door, smiling in a room with bunk beds and wooden floors.