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Welcome Friends!

We wanted to kick off this week’s plog with a special reminder: If you put good in, you get good out. As you may have already known, we have a lot of love in our hearts for our office puppers. This week, in honor of Tellwellian Jayme’s birthday, Paddington showed us some love back! Thanks, Paddy!

Survival of the Fittest

Two creatives enter the octagon, only one can leave. Who will it be, Noah or Aaron? Follow along on our Instagram story to find out!

Why was the robot itchy?


We had the awesome opportunity of meeting with the Northern Cass Robotics team to teach them about marketing basics! In exchange, they taught us a little about robots. What a deal!

What can’t she do?!

Content writer by day, pie baker by night, and a lights model in between?! Katie Beedy you are an inspiration!

Thank you for checking in with us, we appreciate you!

Sincerely, Tellwell