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Video Production

The stark rugged landscape of the North Dakota badlands. The soft green hills of Wyoming. A one-room schoolhouse that just got working internet. A family building a foundation of hope.

Our work in video storytelling connects us with a variety of people and places, all of which have a unique story to tell. Sometimes, it means soaring over breathtaking landscapes with views that seem like a painting. Sometimes it’s close, detailed shots; fabric being sewn and cut, carefully measured seed of a farming business, a child writing intently.

And yet our favorite part is always the people. The teachers, farmers, ranchers, technicians, bankers, leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. In our showreel, you’ll see a montage of these faces; each represents a conversation, an interview, a story, and usually plenty of laughter. This is what brings us so much joy. This is why we love what we do.

Currently working on:
True North Equipment, Broadband Association of North Dakota, Choice Bank, EPIC Development, Kilbourne Group, Thrivent Financial

100 Years of Northwoods Bank

City of West Fargo: Mini-Films

City of Moorhead: Where the Strong Belong


The most compelling fiction has shaped generations, the most cutting journalism has inspirited rebellions, and the most effective copywriting has brought in millions. A finely tuned piece of writing is a powerful tool. And at Tellwell, we take great pride in crafting well-told stories that are informative, heartfelt, and most importantly, lead to action — whether that’s making a purchase, or starting a movement. That’s up to you.

Currently working on:
CHARISM, H2M, Choice Bank, Broadband Association of North Dakota, BEK Communications, Polar Communications, Thrivent Financial, True North Films, ReadiTech, Northwoods Bank

Broadband Association of North Dakota

#PeopleFirst Podcast

RoCo Lifestyle


Big shops and consultants can be scary when it comes to branding. Like everything we do, we take a super realistic approach. We recognize that most organizations can’t afford to reprint every banner, business card, or brochure, and we definitely don’t expect you to do that. At Tellwell, we’ll help you create a realistic roadmap for your brand strategy. But we’ll also do some of the things that the big guys do – naming, voice, messaging, research, helping with trademarks etc. Size doesn’t always matter.

Currently working on:
Broadband Association of North Dakota, True North Equipment, YWCA, The People Project

Midwest Petroleum Equipment Website

Broadband Association of North Dakota

Bad Medicine Films

Web Design

Websites, like a stocking cap in a North Dakota winter, are essential to your organization. It lets your people know who you are, what you do, and what you care about. We’re not a dev team – we leave the custom coding to our friends at Codelation. But we are a design and content partner, and great content is what really powers websites. We design and develop exclusively on WordPress, because it’s built for content and content creators. Just like everyone else, we’ll work to develop great user experiences. What makes us different is our ability to help translate your story in a way that is perfect for your web audience.

Currently working on:
Polar Communications, BEK Communications

Midwest Petroleum Equipment Website

NCC Website

Dakota Medical Foundation Website

Graphic Design

We started purely digital before realizing that our #TellwellTribe needs design lovin’ all over. From brochures and infographics to newsletters and full fledged magazines, our whole team has design experience, and we make sure you and your stuff look on brand and on point.

Design can either make or break a brand. Tellwell’s intentional and beautiful design has the ability to draw your audience in and make them take a deeper look at the story you’re trying to tell.

Currently working on:
Petro, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Dorothy Day, Choice Bank, True North Equipment

100 Years of Northwoods Bank

Midwest Petroleum Equipment Website

True North: Greener Together

Additional Services in our Wheelhouse

  • Annual Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content and Editorial Calendar Planning
  • Social Writing, design, execution, and monitoring
  • Digital PR + Media Pitching
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