Teachers have enough on their plate: classes to schedule, courses to plan, stacks of papers to grade. The last thing they need to deal with is malfunctioning technology. Luckily, ReadiTech’s managed IT experts are here to support schools with server and computer monitoring, data backup, managed wireless networks, virus protection, and support for printers and phone systems—so teachers can keep teaching, and students can keep learning.

We worked with ReadiTech to develop a campaign targeted to decision makers in the education industry, showcasing how ReadiTech’s IT solutions and in-person services empower school staff and students to achieve success.

The Video

We love working with clients who encourage us to step out of our comfort zone, and who go along with our wacky ideas when we do. ReadiTech’s education campaign gave us an opportunity to try out a totally different video style. Our videos usually take on an organic testimonial form drawn from interviews; ReadiTech’s 60-second commercial, “Be the Hero of Your School,” was 100% staged, with scripted voiceover. 

We thought that this particular campaign lent itself well to a more theatrical style, as schools are meant to foster imagination and creativity. The staff and students at Ashley Public School in Ashley, North Dakota DEFINITELY proved us right. We had so much fun together on this shoot!

Our original pitch sounded something like this:

We see a school IT administrator, working at a computer, stressed. She glances at her watch, sighs, and we enter a daydream. Students at their desks look over and smile, slow nod. She twirls through the hallway, smiles at the secretary, points and winks at the principal, walks outside and throws arms in the air with a big grin. Sun is shining, music swells. The daydream ends. Abrupt cut back to her computer: Blinking light. “Network error.” Big sigh of frustration. While voiceover plays, we see a ReadiTech service tech meeting in-person with our lead lady, shaking hands and walking her through the building. Final scene, she’s able to leave the building and big sigh of relief. Key feeling: RELIEF.

And the end result looked like this:

The Tactics

In addition to the commercial, this campaign also included a custom landing page and three blogs: “We’re Here For You – Literally,” “Thank You, Teachers,” and “Protect Your Time And Your Students.” While the video component of this campaign was staged, the blogs were entirely authentic. 

In order to fully understand and showcase the impact that ReadiTech has on our local schools, we spoke to Dr. Steven Johnson, Superintendent of Lisbon Public Schools and the Fort Ransom School District; Rev. Ian O’Brien, Executive Vice President at Trinity Bible College; Matthew Johnson, IT Systems Administrator at TBC; and several ReadiTech employees.

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