As a company of Midwesterners, we understand the vital role that farmers play in our communities and our world. We rely on farmers to put food on our tables and dollars in our economy—and farmers rely on ReadiTech to keep their technology up and running.

The internet has changed the way that today’s farms operate, but most farmers don’t have a designated IT person to make sure that their internet is working how and when they need it. When farmers depend on the internet to operate their equipment and complete transactions, every minute spent without a connection can mean lost profits.

With security, data, and network management services, ReadiTech helps farms streamline their operations and yield greater results. That’s why we worked together to create a campaign that positions ReadiTech as a one-stop-IT-shop for farmers!

The Project

Farmers are honest, to-the-point folks with deep roots in their communities. We determined that the best way to connect with this audience would be through testimonials from farmers and beautiful b-roll demonstrating the use of technology on local farms. We traveled to Ashley, North Dakota, and Hecla, South Dakota, to interview farmers Anthony Neu and Mike Elsen, as well as their ReadiTech technicians.

The Tactics

These interviews were transformed into one three-minute film (check it out below!) and two blogs, “Yield Results”and “You Take Care of the Farm, We’ll Take Care of the Tech.”  The third and final blog in this campaign, “Bridging the Digital Divide,” is a thought piece about the evolution of farming in North Dakota, highlighting how Precision Ag is transforming the industry and becoming increasingly important for farmers, ranchers, and ag leaders. And of course, we created a custom landing page for all of this content to live on! 

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