How do you capture the soul of an organization? To truly tell the story so it can be heard through the noise of marketing messages bombarding customers 24-7, Choice Financial Group based in North Dakota teamed up with Tellwell way back in 2015 to help tell the stories of memorable experiences and genuine connections made through the passion and empowerment of the team at Choice Financial. In doing so, we helped them cut through the noise of a product based marketing landscape.

Cherry Pie & Grass Clippings

LaRae Horgan was on her way back from mowing lawns at the ambulance shelter when she noticed Ann’s car wasn’t in her driveway. She pulled over and surveyed the tall green grass, poking out from Ann’s lawn. Quickly, she pulled out her mower and made swift tracks across the lawn, spewing grass clippings and leaving a short, well-manicured finish. She left, and Ann never knew.

LaRae knew Ann, who is 55, had recently moved to Walhalla from Denver, Colorado to be closer to family. She had met her a few times, and knew she struggled with a handful of health issues; both knees replaced, a replaced hip, and low energy levels.

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Choice Delivers – Literally!

Long-time customer Keith thinks of CSR/Loan Assistant Val Leier and Personal Banker Rhonda Schlecht at the Medina location as family, coming in every day for coffee, cookies and conversation. He was so regular about his visits, that more than once, his “girls” went so far as to call his neighbors to check on him if he didn’t show up for a few days. Once, when Keith missed his medication and was having trouble breathing, he called the bank instead of 911! While Val kept him talking on one line, Rhonda called 911, and after some explanation of why the bank was making the call, got an ambulance dispatched to Keith’s home and they were able to stabilize his condition.

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