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With Tech Tips by Tellwell, we answer your customers’ most pressing tech questions, all in a series of short, entertaining how-to videos.


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  • What is Cryptocurrency (And Why Should I Care)?
  • How to Stop Robocalls
  • When to Update Your Tech
  • Tailgating with Tech
  • Restoring Lost and Damaged Files
  • (Smart) Home for the Holidays
  • Saving Photos to the Cloud
  • What to Do After a Power Outage
  • Managing Device Storage
  • Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi
  • What Uses Data?


  • Prioritize Your Bandwidth
  • Setting Up Email: Android
  • Setting Up Email: Apple
  • Spring Tech Cleaning
  • How to Tell if an Email is Spam
  • How to Restart Your Router
  • Smart Home Starter
  • Streaming with Pandora & Spotify
  • Setting Up Instagram
  • Meal Planning with Pinterest
  • How to Stream TV
  • How to Properly Test Your Internet Speed


  • Top 5 Outdoor Tech Gifts
  • Why Fiber?
  • Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Cash Transfer Apps, Explained
  • Give the Gift of Tech
  • Home Wi-Fi For the Holidays
  • Top Tech Gifts of 2020
  • Get Ready for Some Football with Wi-Fi
  • What is the Cloud?
  • Posting on Facebook: What to Know
  • Password Tips and Tricks
  • Whole-Home Wi-Fi
  • Common Reasons for Weak Wi-Fi (and How to Fix Them)
  • New Year, New You 
  • Broadband vs. Wi-Fi: What’s the Difference?
  • Make Work-from-Home Work For You
  • Work, Connect and Play Using Zoom
  • What’s the Deal with Whole Home Wi-Fi?
  • Ditching Tech Distractions
  • Go Green with Technology

Join your fellow broadband experts!

You may not know us yet, but we’ve been working with rural broadbands and telcos across the Midwest for five years now.


Our Tech Tips videos have produced some of the highest reach and engagement of all our social media posts. Educational content like Tech Tips keeps our customers engaged and interested without feeling they are on the receiving end of a sales pitch. And best of all, Tellwell makes it so easy for us!

Joan SwartzChief Marketing Officer, Polar Communications

Tech Tips from Tellwell have given us timely and relevant content to present to our members. The ability to introduce topics that are at the forefront of our members minds enhances our credibility in a digital format.

Brett DamaskosSales and Marketing Specialist, Interbel Telephone Cooperative Inc.

Tech Tips has helped us turn frequently asked questions into an educational piece that is utilized on print publications, website, and social media. Tellwell makes it easy to distribute across all platforms.

Brianne PartlowMarketing Coordinator, Dakota Central

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