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An instrument alone can play a sweet tune; when they play together, the result is spectacular. The symphony of your marketing campaign brings each of the solo elements — video, web, writing, design — into a masterpiece. With each component working to establish your brand, generate awareness, build the hype, and keep you top-of-mind, you will see immediate results and audience impact. This is the best way to give your brand a rocket boost and guarantee success for your organization. (If you can’t tell, combining our core strength to provide you with spectacular campaigns is one of our favorite parts of our work at Tellwell!)


Build your brand and lay the foundation.


Generate awareness around what you do and expand your reach.


Get people hyped on your work and interested in building a relationship.


Let your customers know you aren't going anywhere and stay top-of-mind.

Build Your Brand


With a comprehensive campaign, we work together to start from the beginning — whether it’s a complete rebrand, or a brand refresh. This foundation is laid first through thoughtful discovery sessions, each designed to take a deep dive into the “Why” behind your brand. This deep dive is then used to establish the core parts of your brand identity: Brand Voice, Brand Design, Brand Website, and Brand Story.

Create Awareness


With your new multi-faceted Brand Build foundation, you are well-prepared for the next step in strengthening your brand through awareness. A Brand Campaign orchestrates video, writing, design and web to tell your brand story in a variety of beautiful media; each piece working together to engage your audience and familiarize them with who you are. By the end of the awareness phase, your target audience will have a clear idea of who you are, what you value, and what services you provide.

Build Hype


Your audience knows what you do, now why should they choose you? This is where the Hype phase comes in with the power of testimonials. A Hype campaign utilizes each medium to share the stories of people who love you. An example of a Hype campaign would include a video testimonial paired with a written blog and a landing page, and shared throughout your social platforms with advertising in your Brand Design and Brand Voice. As your partner, we ensure that each campaign builds trust and engagement with your audience by showing them why others love you, and driving them to your website to learn more.

Stay Top-of-Mind


You have established your brand, brought awareness to your brand, and celebrated your brand through hype content — now it’s time to maintain that strong brand identity through top-of-mind content. Top-of-Mind campaign content pulls together the key elements of your Brand Identity — video, writing, web, and design –– to create annual campaigns around specific products or stories, or to target a specific audience. As your partner, we work off of the rock-solid foundation established during your Brand Build to engage audiences with your brand voice, wow them with brand design, pull at their heart strings through stunning video storytelling and writing, and engage them with your website through beautiful landing pages.

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