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With team roots in class-b north dakota, our team has a heart for rural broadband.

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Our team hails from small towns across the country, so we understand the value of the work broadbands are doing. The technology and services you provide have laid a foundation for the information-based economies of the 21st century, allowed human connections to thrive in an increasingly isolated age, and helped diverse industries progress in even the most rural communities. 

Broadbands have amazing stories to tell, and at Tellwell, we’ve gotten pretty good at helping you tell them.

We approach storytelling in a way that is true to who you (and your customers) are. No marketing mumbo-jumbo. No cookie-cutter formulas. No trendy buzzwords. Instead, Team Tellwell takes the time to listen to your “why,” understand who you are, and know what your goals are. Then we share your story in a way that makes sense to the people you want to reach. Whether it’s a video, newsletter, website, or something totally different—our storytellers can masterfully craft your authentic story.

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Services we provide for the rural broadband industry include:

Video Production

From a one-room schoolhouse that just got working internet to a family building a foundation of hope, our work in video storytelling captures the people and places that are impacted by the work of rural broadband companies. Our video wheelhouse includes majestic, sweeping drone footage; close, detailed shots; and vibrant, dynamic animation. Whatever look and feel you’re going for, our video team has got you covered.

Web Design & Development

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then a well-designed and intuitive website is a window to the soul of an organization! It lets your customers know who you are, what you do, and what you care about. For broadbands, it also allows your customers to check their internet connection, increase their speed, and request technical support in one easy-to-navigate place.

We design and develop exclusively on WordPress because it’s built for content and content creators. Just like any other web partner, we’ll work to develop great user experiences; what sets us apart is our ability to translate your unique story in a way that is perfect for your web audience.

Tech Tips

In addition to our beautiful mini-films and motivating commercials, we recently launched Tellwell Tech Tips, a series of short (and a little sassy) how-to videos that are customized to your brand. Learn more about Tech Tips!

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Some may say that print newsletters are a thing of the past or a waste of paper; we couldn’t disagree more. At Tellwell, we take great pride in crafting well-told written stories that are informative, heartfelt, and most importantly, lead to action—whether that’s purchasing a cable package or upgrading to a faster internet connection.

We recently launched a fully customizable, scaleable newsletter service specifically for our clients in the broadband industry. Check it out!

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