Tellwell Benefits

Open Vaca + Re:Weeks

We believe in work hard, play hard. Our open vacation policy allows for this – as long as you’re getting your work done, go ahead and bounce for a couple of days. In addition to open vacation, we have two weeks (the week between Christmas and New Years, as well as, the week of the 4th of July) for whatever your Re: is – rest, relaxation, recharging, RE:iesling¬† –¬† where you’re encouraged to turn off your computer, hang out with family or friends and just chill.

Summer Hours

We stinkin’ love summer. Seriously. To celebrate the few months of beautiful sunshine we have in Fargo, we practice summer hours where we shut down the office after lunch on Fridays so you can get your tan on early. Don’t get us wrong, we still have to finish up our work, but then it’s time to party.

Health Insurance

We work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota to offer a lovely medical benefits package. We pay half of a single plan. Our goal is to expand, but hey we’re a startup!

Work it out!

Tellwell takes care of your monthly gym membership at Anytime Fitness. Get yo’ workout on!

Simple IRA

We match dollar for dollar up to 3% of your paycheck towards your Simple IRA through American Funds. They seem pretty responsible with our money so far.

Pet Adoption

We love pets at Tellwell, so we’ll reimburse up to $200 for pet adoption and supplies for a new furry family member.


We’re Apple nerds at Tellwell, so we’ll hook you up with a shiny new Macbook Pro + 27 inch Apple Display so you can keep all the windows open!


Coffee keeps us running. From pour over to drip, we’ve got you hooked up with coffee from our friends SK Coffee out of Boston, Mass.


We drink a lot of bubbly water, so we’ll keep that and Diet Coke in supply (unless Noah drinks it all).


We always keep plenty of snacks in the cupboard as well.

Uber Rides

A small, but fun benefit at Tellwell. We’ll cover your Uber rides. Have too much fun at happy hour? No worries on how to get home. Grab an Uber and we’ll take care the cost.

We’re doing our darndest to become the employer of choice in our industry – beyond these benefits, you’ll get things like weekly one-on-ones with the CEO, bonuses for social posting, commissions for bringing in new work, and an environment where you’re respected, loved, and can build a great career.