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Jacob on the job with the Chamber

We emphasize learning at Tellwell Story Co. – which means we love finding opportunities to teach, too. We fancy ourselves a pretty kick-ass team of creatives, who know our respective crafts–and we want to share that knowledge! 

Interns at Tellwell

Last summer, we brought on a film intern, Alayna West. We had an amazing time with her (and hopefully she with us!) and found so much value in showing the proverbial ropes to the next generation of filmmakers. 

So we’re doing it again. Meet Jacob Shilman, Tellwell’s spring 2024 film intern!

Jacob on a lake

Meet Jacob

When asked about his own story, Jacob is fairly modest. He has lived all over the country, from the Pacific Northwest to Reno to North Dakota. And yet…

“My beginning story wasn’t all that unique,” Jacob said. 

He then went on to describe filming with his friends and his brother,  making little movies about the goings on (imagined and real) in their young lives.

“Then I would edit them,” Jacob said. “Well, I would edit them to the best of my ability,” he added, laughing.

For Jacob,  storytelling through film has been a part of his life since he was young. Now, he’s completing his final year in the animation program at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

But while Jacob claims his story wasn’t that unique, it becomes clear as he speaks that his passion for the stories he tells is far beyond ordinary.

“I’ve really fallen in love with storytelling. I enjoy telling people’s stories that wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to be told,” Jacob said.

He also (unsurprisingly, since he’s our film intern) has a great eye; the scenic photos sprinkled throughout this blog are his!

A photo by Jacob

Soundtracks and Songs

As a creator, Jacob has embraced more than “just” the visual sides of storytelling. He’s also a music buff. 

“Music has always been a really big part of my life. It’s universal. We can all find something we enjoy and relate to in music,” Jacob said. “There’s a lot of beauty that can come from what goes into creating music.”

Luckily, his main mentor on the team is our Lead Editor, Matt Prigge. Matt is also a talented musician having played and taught saxophone (among other instruments) in college. I have yet to hear the two of them jamming out in the office, but I wouldn’t be surprised to walk in one day and hear one album or another blaring from their speakers while they discuss the intricacies of the chord progressions or the subtlety of the lyrics.

Matt and the new intern Jacob

And …SNAKES???

Another bonding point for the two of them (and if I’m being honest, for me) is their love of animals. When asked to share a surprising fact that people may not know, Jacob was quick to reply.

“I really really like snakes.”

And he’s not kidding. Among the many lists of favorite things he keeps on his phone, Jacob has one dedicated to snakes. His first one (when he’s ready to have a snake as a pet)? A Mexican Black Milksnake or a Bullsnake. 

And, frankly, I suspect Jacob will have at least one of those eventually–he’s driven, with a good head on his shoulders and a desire to learn anything and everything. With a strong vision and a thirst for telling good stories, Jacob is fitting right in.

“If I want to know what something COULD look like, I’ll make it and find out.”

We can’t wait to find out too, Jacob. Welcome to the team!

A picture of downtown Fargo taken by Jacob